HIPPO Highest Paid Person's Opinion

HiPPO’s (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion): Letting Data Drive Decisions

HiPPO, the acronym for “highest paid person’s opinion”, is the manager pops into your project at the last moment and offers an opinion on what to include to make the project a success. You should consider the idea for obvious reasons, even if it’s out of scope, past deadline or as crazy as buying Volkswagen stock. Altogether, the HiPPO theory describes an organisation’s
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Stop Thinking About Minimum Viable Products

Though lean and agile methodologies are widely adopted as the main approach to product development, they remain yet too challenging specially for big companies. When Eric Ries put together the world-renowned build, measure and learn model, by which product managers shorten the production cycles focussing on functionality rather than on completeness of vision, anyone could tell how difficult would
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