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5 things I have learnt this week – week 49

One of the ways I am embracing the “Be 1% better every day” philosophy is by sharing a weekly curated list of the best articles I have read in the last 7 days.

The motivation behind it is twofold. On the one hand, it helps me reflect on the new ideas I am exposed to. On the other, it helps reward all these authors that take some time to share their learnings with the world, making it a better place for everyone.

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101 Guide to Ruthless Prioritization

Source: Brandon Chu
Topic: Product Management
Reading time: ~15′

Prioritization means doing the most important things first. If you build products, then that translates to doing the things that create the most customer value first. In this article, Brandon shares his view on how this can be accomplished both within and between projects; providing with a mental model to ponder dependencies, timelines and team composition to sequence projects based on ROI and their constraints.

How to Kickstart a Company’s Growth Process

Source: Casey Winters
Topic: Growth Hacking / Startups
Reading time: ~15′

Once startups figure out their value hypothesis, and find product-market fit, they still have to sort out their efficient growth levers and execute on them. Growth teams have a clear purpose: to help understand the frictions that prevent more people from finding value in your project.

Fat Protocols are Only Half of the Story

Source: David King
Topic: Bitcoin / Blockchain
Reading time: ~5′

Joel Monegro coined the “fat protocols” theory, which has driven some rethinking on how value is created and accrued on Blockchain-based platforms. David King goes one step further, and argues that the Blockchain winning formula will not only depend on the protocol itself, but also on having at least one successful app built on top to help drive adoption.

Product Hunt’s Best 30 Product Launches in November

Source: Product Hunt
Topic: Startups
Reading time: ~10′

Product Hunt is becoming the go-to place for entrepreneurs to launch their products, and for early adopters to try them out. They publish a useful monthly recap that I would recommend subscribing to. This month’s edition is packed with things like Google’s Poly, Firefox’s Quantum and the brand new Facebook Local.

How To Write Longer Content Like a Pro

Source: Joe Daniels
Topic: Blogging / Writting
Reading time: ~10′

Joe Daniels does a great job explaining why it’s important to write longer content (2,500+ words), both from the perspective of the writer and the reader. He also provides with a useful framework (I have already used it to write my latest article on ICOs) to frame one’s thoughts when planning the structure of a new write-up.

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