Breaking Down the Subscription Ecommerce Business Model

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Classpass business model

  • 20 min read¬†– Classpass has managed to become one of the main new players of the fitness and wellness industry. Valued at $400 Million in their last funding round, Classpass is on the path¬†to become the next Tech Unicorn. This comprehensive analysis looks at their history, evolution and key pivots to then deep dive into their business model and challenges ahead [via¬†Othmane Rahmouni]
  • 5 min read¬†– Mapping the customer journey can help a company understand how are customers interacting and engaging¬†with their brand, and also help illustrate how products and services fit into their lives, schedules, goals, and aspirations [via¬†ThinkWithGoogle]

Digital Strategy and Trends¬†ūüĒÄ

Subscription business model

Source: McKinsey Insights

  • 20 min read¬†– Subscription e-commerce, such as Blue Apron meal kits, fitness Classpass or Stitch Fix personal styling, is a fast-growing new way of buying online. Fueled by venture capital, startups have launched these businesses in a wide range of categories from beer and wine to cosmetics or pet food. This has attracted established retailers like P&G or Walmart that see in subscription e-commerce a new path for strong organic growth [via¬†McKinsey Insights]
  • 20 min read¬†– Chinese tech giants get there faster. Big startups in China are built in three to give years, versus five to eight in the U.S.. The factors: a dense interconnected domestic market, hyper-competition driven by population pressure and the 9-9-6 culture, ‚Äú9 am to 9 pm, 6 days a week‚ÄĚ [via¬†Reforge]

Cryptocurrencies and Finance¬†ūüďą

  • 8 min read¬†–¬†Centralised platforms have been dominant for so long that people have forgotten there’s a better way to build internet services. Crypto-networks like Blockchain post a new way to develop community-owned networks and provide a level playing field for new business creators [via¬†Chris Dixon]
  • 15 min read¬†– Currently, there is a remarkable divide between the promises of cryptocurrencies and the actual real life cases that they support. This article looks at Bitcoin and considers the potential future use cases that can be deduced from its properties [via¬†Y Combinator]

Must-listen Podcasts¬†ūüéß

  • 40 min listen¬†– Classpass founder Payal Kadakia explains how the price point that bleeds your business today may actually save you from going bankrupt. Sometimes you have to scale first and figure out your unit economics later [via¬†Masters of Scale]

Interesting Reads¬†ūü§ď

  • 8 min read¬†– The world appears to be doomed today.¬†59 percent of Americans believe ‚Äúthis to be the lowest point in our nation‚Äôs history that they can remember‚ÄĚ. Conversely,¬†the general wellbeing of the population is better than it has ever been. This “declinist” mindset¬†is, according to psychologists, stemming from¬†the biases known as the ‚Äúreminiscence bump‚ÄĚ and the ‚Äúpositivity effect” [via¬†LifeHacker]

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